Welcome! Here you’ll find a collection of handmade doubling cubes that are for sale. Sometimes stock may be a bit low, but I am constantly working to make more cubes for purchase. Be sure to check back often, and follow me on Instagram to hear about updates and new releases.

1/20/2021 – I’m currently sold out of all available cubes. Thanks for your interest and patience.
Here is what’s on the workbench right now:

  • 1.5″ – Bordeaux, Classic Butterscotch, Hot Butterscotch (2-3 cubes each)
  • 1.25″ – Red swirl, Blue Swirl (~6 cubes each)
  • 1.625″ – Bordeaux, Blue Swirl, Purple Nightshade (1-4 cubes each)

Here’s what’s lined up for the next batches:

  • 1.5″ – Howling Moon, Swamp Thing, Aloha Blue
  • 1.25″ –¬† ¬†Swamp Thing, Classic Butterscotch
  • 1.125″ – Chouette Series 2
  • Some experimental colors

See what these cubes look like over on the Gallery Page.

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