(A work in progress and more to come)

Here, I’ll try to address many of the common questions I get, and provide more information on the project.

These look similar to, but not quite like the vintage bakelite cubes, what gives?

Yes, we all love the old vintage cubes. Bakelite represents a golden age of Backgammon. We seek out these rare pieces to honor the game and the rich history it entails.

But, these are modern times. There are great efforts being made around the world to spread and preserve the game today. I created these cubes as a way to represent this new era of Backgammon, and the players, teachers, and producers that are carrying it forward.

I’ve made specific design choices in colors, typefaces, and tactile experience. Some colors and typefaces point to the past, others are experiments and explorations into things that may not have been possible in bakelite.

My tagline is “A modern twist on the classic cube look and feel”, and I stick by it.

How are these cubes made?

I make these cubes entirely by hand, in my small home workshop.
The process goes something like this:

  • Resin is dyed and mixed, then poured into a square tube mold to cure.
  • Cured resin is pressed out of the tube mold and cut to rough size.
  • Rough cubes are machine sanded to remove tool marks and square them up.
  • The now-square cubes are hand sanded through several stages to achieve a smooth surface and soften the edges and corners.
  • Numbers are carved into each face of the cube using a CNC machine.
  • A couple more stages of hand sanding, and they are ready for the buffing and polishing wheel.
  • Once shined, each number is hand painted.
  • Excess paint is removed, and a final shine is performed.

Make the edges and corners more round.

While the edges and corners of these cubes are not as round/soft as the old bakelite cubes, they are no sharper (or even less sharp) than, say, a Geoffrey Parker metal cube.
It’s my (seemingly unpopular) preference for a more angular, modern look.

Each surface is hand sanded to create a pleasant tactile experience with a sophisticated look. They are not sharp, they will not damage your playing surface (or opponent) during enthusiastic play. And, may I be so bold to suggest not throwing or slamming cubes?

Do you take custom orders?

Not at this time.

I’m currently focused on completing the long list of private requests, working with left over stock from other orders, and experimenting with new cube ideas.

How much are your cubes?

As of January 2021, I have set my standard prices at

  • $70 for a 1.25″/31mm cube
  • $80 for a 1.5″/37mm cube
  • $90 for a 1.625″/40mm cube
  • $100 for a 1.75″/44mm cube
  • $110 for a 2″/50mm cube
  • $160 for a 1.125″/28mm Chouette Set (4 cubes).
  • When applicable customizations begin at $100 + the cost of the cube above.
  • The price includes free shipping worldwide.

Why is your inventory always sold out?

As of October 2021, the web shop is disabled and I am focusing on a steady stream of private requests. That keeps me about as busy as I’d like to be, and it’s rare to find extra time for experimentation and general cube production.

Each cube takes roughly 3 hours of hands on work to create (plus a lot of waiting for resin to cure and paint to dry). Simply put, it takes a long time. I have a full time job, home and family to take care of, as well as my own sanity. This project is more of a hobby than a business. I am a one man show. I make, sell, pack, and ship all the cubes by myself. I photograph them, maintain the website and social channels, and communicate with customers.