• Post published:March 17, 2022

At this moment in time, I’ve got a long list of orders and projects that I need to complete. In addition, there is a supply chain issue and I’m searching for a new material to make cubes. Until that time, I have to stretch the little resin I have across these current orders. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

The Forseeable Future

This venture of making cubes started just before Covid-19 took off…so essentially it became my “pandemic project”. And as such, the world has been in turmoil ever since, and we’ve all been affected in various ways. In particular, supply chains have been disrupted, and I am unable to source my particular brand of resin. The company is unable to get the raw materials and has no ETA. I bought all I could, but it wasn’t much, as supplies were limited and so were the purchasing quantities. I’m on the hunt for another product that performs similarly.

What I currently have at my disposal is a limited supply of raw resin, and a decent handful of leftover stock from previous orders and projects.

I have to stretch that to cover as many of these items as possible:

  • A running backlog of customer orders
  • A new round of chouette sets that I’ve been promising
  • Opportunities to produce limited edition cubes for top tier backgammon organizations  
  • My own ideas and experiments that excite me most of all

I do not have enough resin to fulfill all those bullets. The chouette sets alone would exhaust what I have. So, until I work through my current orders with the limited resin I have, or until I am able to source new resin, I will be finishing much of the raw stock i have on hand and, for once, having inventory on the shop.

Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for all the interest and support.


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